Hi, I’m Dan, and I Make Fun.

All my life, I’ve been creating, building and producing things, from summer concerts in college to commercial video games to corporate consulting.

I’ve led development teams, authored product designs, coded features, cut trailers, developed branding, written manuals, built gantt charts, conducted usability tests and mentored developers. I’ve demoed products on a stage, on the convention floor, and behind closed doors.   I’ve pitched projects to publishers, set up wikis and blogs, administered servers and handled customer service.   In short, I’ve worn a lot of hats.

I am a PMP (Project Management Professional) and a CSM (Certified ScrumMaster).  I build websites, apps, games, teams, brands, companies, and most importantly, relationships.  What can I build for you?

They Said It

Dan Magaha is professional, reliable and easy to work with. His work on several of our web development projects has been phenomenal. There have been residual challenges from previous work done that Dan was able to identify, unravel, and fix in short order. He is organized and communicates regularly throughout our projects, so that we understand how things are moving along. Dan has an eye for design and branding that is very refreshing to find in a technical person — he’s found a way to brilliantly utilize both sides of his brain in his work. While proper functionality is critical to our projects, as a marketing firm, the visual appeal and usability is just as important. Dan helps us to strike the perfect balance for clients and we highly recommend him.
Shara Darden, President, Firefly PR and Marketing
I have worked for good producers and bad producers. Dan is one of the few good ones. He is a champion for his team in the best sense, has a firm grasp of what is possible, a depth of experience in the trenches of development, and is willing to do whatever it takes to make his team successful. Dan is blessedly immune from the usual finger-pointing and political shenanigans that trip up many producers, and unsurprisingly, it results in team loyalty and project success. I have worked under Dan for two projects now and hope to do so again; failing that I could not give a higher recommendation for him as a producer or project lead.
Scott Jennings, Designer / Programmer, Portalarium
Dan is great to work for. Dan is a problem solver, he knows what it takes to make a game, and he has been a pleasure to work for. Beyond that Dan is a great guy with a great sense of humor. I would probably put him at the top of the list of producers I’ve worked with.
Bob Cooksey, Senior Artist, Zynga
Dan is an excellent manager.  He continually looks for ways to improve process and get feedback from his employees. Not only does he have extensive experience in making game products, but he is also realistic about issues that arise outside of the work environment. I was a part of the best game development team that I have worked with.  We were constantly motivated and challenged during the length of our project. I would proudly work with him again someday.
Allen Jackson, Senior Software Engineer, Phunware LLC
I had the pleasure of working with Dan on several triple A titles at Firaxis Games. He is a talented producer whose passion for games, knowledge of the industry and technical proficiency contributed greatly to the success of our games. He also has a terrific sense of humor that helped to make our work environment lots of fun. I hope our work paths cross again in the future!
Kelley Gilmore, Marketing Director, Firaxis Games
Dan’s management skill is impeccable. His ability to cut to the heart of a problem has resolved team issues quickly and efficiently. Dan is both knowledgeable in his field and easily approachable. His wit makes him easy to work with and his management skill has earned my unwavering respect.
Mark Powell, Cofounder / CTO, Lavacado Studios
I’ve had the pleasure to have worked with Dan on Sid Meier’s Railroads!. Dan is the kind of Producer who understands the importance of PR requests, but also knows how to manage them in a way that doesn’t distract his team from the most important job – creating a great and enjoyable game. In addition to that, he is personable and fun to work with, even during the stressful last few months before a project is finished, which more often than not coincides with the time where a Producer has to deal with a huge amount of PR requests.
Markus Wilding, International PR Director, 2K Games
In an industry that tends to lack good management at the production level, Dan is an exceptional producer. I worked in the management team as the Lead Artist for Railroads! with Dan. As a producer, he made my life easier every day. He would help with anything that was needed and made it possible for everyone on the team to work with minimal distractions. Dan does more with less than anyone I have seen and never shies away from making difficult decisions. He is a true professional, and always put his team before himself. Dan is hands down the best producer that I have worked with in the past 14 years, and I would work with Dan again in a heartbeat.
Greg Foertsch, Art Director, Firaxis Games


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