Game Developers, Microsoft Is Just Not That In to You

xbox-one-official-images-1Social media went postal on Tuesday as Microsoft officially revealed its next console (note that I didn’t call it a game console; more on that in a second), what they are calling the Xbox One. ¬†While not as roundly mocked as the Wii was when its name was unveiled, most game developers and casual gamers I know think the name is weak because so many of us refer to the original Xbox as “the first Xbox” and even as Xbox 1.

At a minimum, you certainly can’t deny the potential for awkwardness with the choice in name, and if I’m managing a multi-billion dollar product launch, I’m probably seeking to avoid awkward wherever possible, but that’s just me.

Mobile Market Gut Check: Avoid the Middle

Web Designer Depot has a great new infographic that summarizes both the opportunity and the huge challenges of developing for the mobile marketplace today.  Some of the key takeaways include:

  • 25% of apps generate no revenue at all, while the largest group that do earn revenue (35%), earn less than $500.
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