Project Description

In 2007, I accepted a job as producer at NCsoft to lead a team building a web-based free to play MMO.  Though such products are commonplace today,  six years ago, it was a decidedly riskier, more cutting edge approach!

I was responsible for team management, including recruiting and mentoring, physical space planning and workflow engineering, projecting, planning, and maintaining the project budget, risk assessment and management, project scheduling, documentation, and liaising with senior management on the goals, progress, and issues of the project.

Under my leadership, team headcount increased from five individuals (during my arrival in April, 2007) to twenty by the first quarter of 2008, following a corporate mandate to aggressively target other products in the space.   During this time, a massive array of game systems were designed, significant progress was made to tools, our proprietary client technology was augmented and optimized, and several demo environments and characters were built.

We utilized the Java-based jMonkeyEngine as the basis for our client platform, allowing instant play on any browser with no client download required (at the time, a huge barrier to entry for most MMO’s), and had branched and adapted the server technology of Guild Wars, one of the most successful MMO’s at the time,  to serve as our backend platform.   We also produced a substantial quantity of technical design documentation, a massive  reference document detailing the lore of the world, its races, history, and characters, and a prodigious quantity of fantastic concept art.

By Q2’08, however, due to a realignment of development strategy, the Austin studio laid off most of its development teams to focus on development at the new “NC West” studio in Seattle, the product was canceled.