Project Description

In 2010, I was hired to take the reins of a struggling game development studio called Seamless Entertainment.  Though the studio’s stated mission was to develop original game properties, until that point, it had managed to survive only by developing work-for-hire products in the licensed / value space.

My primary responsibility was to transform the studio into one capable of developing successful original titles. Before I could focus on that, however, I was tasked with turning around a pair of troubled projects that the studio had been struggling with. The Sesame Street projects presented a number of difficult challenges — a licensor with a beloved brand whose approvals were key to move forward; a publisher whose dates were set in stone due to an otherwise weak holiday release catalog; a design that was a moving target. On top of all of this, the projects spanned a whopping 6 SKU’s on 3 different platforms, and the assets and game systems that my team was building (Wii and PC) were the prerequisites for the platform (Nintendo DS) that had the longest submission and manufacturing lead time.  By the time I arrived, the project was behind, the client was unhappy, and the team was stressed and listless.

I worked with stakeholders to manage a re-scope of the project, optimized and dramatically improved the client visibility into the production pipeline, and managed the QA process to successful certification passes.   In the end, we were able to deliver all SKU’s to the client in time for the holiday sales season, and we accomplished this responsibly without a significant amount of unpaid overtime.