Project Description

In 2008, after NCsoft had begun its corporate reorganization, I approached 2K Games with the idea of incubating a local studio here in town to develop an MMO prototype.   They agreed, and we began work in the fall on the project.

I recruited the team, managed the establishment of the studio and set the overall direction of the project, managing relationships with the IP holder and 2K Games corporate.

In only eight months of development, our 9-person team built a fully playable client and server prototype that provided hours of gameplay.  We also put together a comprehensive design Wiki as well as a printed style guide of concept art.  In keeping with our agile production philosophy, we also  modeled several assets to demonstrate that the final visual style could be achieved.

Unfortunately, due to rapidly evolving market conditions, the project was not pursued beyond prototype, but this particular team remains close to my heart because of the incredible level of collaboration and productivity we achieved.  The former members of this team have gone on to leadership roles in best-of-class projects at KingsIsle, ZeniMax Online, and BioWare, among others.