Gamesauce Conference 2010


NoguchiIn early 2010, I was approached by the publishers of Gamesauce magazine (for whom I’d previously written) about programming a new, single-track conference for game developers “in the trenches”.  The conference was to take place at the same time as the wildly popular Casual Connect conference in Seattle, but would seek to attract developers of “core games”, rather than casual game developers.

It would also focus on topics and get into a level of detail that other game conferences such as the Game Developers’ Conference (GDC) had increasingly failed to cover.  Put simply, Gamesauce was “by game developers for game developers.”

The overall programming was universally praised for its depth and substance.  Links to the talks can be found on the Gamesauce website.

Quadmania ’97


BestOfMontageFrom 1996 to 1997, I was the Major Events Chair of the Student Events Board (SEB) at my alma mater, the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC).  My job was to plan, promote and produce the annual spring festival, which was called “Quadmania“.

For Quadmania ’97, I had a budget of $60,000 and a staff of over 50 people.  The headline act was the legendary George Clinton and the P-Funk Allstars, and we had several national supporting acts, including rap superstar Redman, the Bloodhound Gang, Nerf Herder and ska legends The Toasters.  The event was free to the public and had food vendors, a beer garden (which had been the first in years at the university),  games, and local artisans.

It remains one of my proudest accomplishments.

Award Winning

The event drew more than 10,000 visitors and was named 'Best Free Concert in Baltimore' in 1997 by the Baltimore City Paper. I was also voted 'Chair of the Year' by my peers on the SEB for my efforts in producing the event.

Official festival logo

Redman signing autographs

Emcee J. Gray addresses the crowd

George Clinton takes the stage